The meadow rue’s lament by Elizabeth Licata

IMG_4278Tiny, pendulous, lavender-purple flowers with contrasting yellow stamens appear in late summer in loose, airy clusters atop sturdy, purple flower stems which rise well above the foliage to 4-6′ tall (infrequently to 8′). When massed, the overall effect of the bloom can be spectacular.

This is stupid. What am I doing here? I’m taller than everybody and I can’t keep my head up. Everybody’s looking at me!

What idiot would have stuck me in the middle of a city like this? And has this gardener ever heard of spacing? It would be nice to have a little more room, though at least she put some eutrochium and filipendula in here (good to see you, Joe; hi, Queenie!). But I’m dreading the weeks when these lilium come into bloom. They really should be put off in their own space where they can’t bother anybody. And I hope those clematis know their reds clashes hideously with that rose’s reds. Who would have put those together?

And  here come the workers. What’ll it be today I wonder-loud country western or loud Latin hip hop? They really can raise a lot of dust with all those rocks. At least one of them seems to know who I am-he was pointing at me, like they all do, except usually it’s “what is that?” Hardly anybody ever says “Thalictrum!”

This is a nice breeze, though. It’s summer and I’m alive. That will have to be enough. Until … rescue?

The meadow rue’s lament originally appeared on Garden Rant on July 5, 2016.


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