New! 305 Curated Videos, and More Sought by Susan Harris

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Garden writers and educators, tired of complaining to each other about the bad gardening advice people find on the Internet, have joined forces to do something about it. With the goal of inspiring people to garden, and helping them succeed at it, the result is a home for accurate, reliable videos – because video is increasingly where people look for info, especially for a topic as visual as gardening. Naturally, chosen videos would teach gardening in a way that’s environmentally sensitive.

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That home is Good Gardening, which launched this week with over 300 videos that have been selected for watchability (e.g., no traffic noise) and for gardening advice that’s reliable. Viewers can search for videos by category, by tag, or by browsing the “Latest” and “Most Popular” on the home page.

The videos feature a range of experts, including those at 18 U.S. Extension universities. Home gardens shown are in the U.S. or Canada, and gardens to visit are around the world. To help guide viewers to videos most helpful in their own gardens, video locations are prominently displayed.

Some of the videos are “sizzle reels” about TV’s best gardening shows; others are trailers for new garden books. Videos promoting several American gardening magazines are in the works, coming soon to this site.

But the curating doesn’t stop with videos.  The team has also compiled lists of the gardening websites and books that they frequently recommend.

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Good Gardening Videos also encourages more gardeners to make videos to show off their gardens, their peony collection, how they pot up seedlings or before-and-after scenes of their gardening projects. To help, we’ve compiled tips and examples for DIY video-making. We’re also seeking more good videos from public gardens, universities, government agencies, nonprofits, local garden centers and evidence-based garden communicators.


Spread the word to viewers and potential makers of gardening videos about the site and how to help make it even better:

  • When you see a video here you like, click the thumb’s up to help others find it.
  • Got a topic that needs more videos? Send your suggestions to:
  • Recommend a video you like for inclusion on this site, or submit your own video – here’s how.
  • And to find out about new videos being added, sign up for our Updates.


So now you know that dyeing garden flags wasn’t my only project over the winter. Since spending time with garden TV show producer Linda Lehmisvirta last summer (see “The Local Gardening Show I Covet”), I’ve been scheming to make good gardening videos findable for the majority of us who don’t have good local gardening shows on TV.

So I created this nonprofit, ad-free website, with help from an Advisory Team of scientists and other communicators. Initial screening for accuracy is done by our horticultural consultant, and more guidance will be sought as needed from the Garden Professors group on Facebook.  Click here for bios of the Good Gardening Videos team.

THIS is the project I hope to be working on for years to come – finding and sharing more good videos, and making some of my own. The 3-part mission reflects everything I care about in the gardening world:

  • To inspire more people to start gardens and succeed as gardeners.
  • To improve the environment, thanks to more plants being grown that clean waterways and encourage pollinators and are grown in ways that are good for the environment.
  • To elevate the role of universities, public gardens, local garden centers and evidence-based garden communicators as sources of gardening information.

If you like the sound of that, please share Good Gardening Videos.

New! 305 Curated Videos, and More Sought originally appeared on Garden Rant on April 22, 2016.


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