Sticker shock by Elizabeth Licata

IMG_2840Raise your hand if you enjoy spending up to half an hour removing adhesive stickers from ceramic pots. No hands up? What a surprise.

I have upgraded my game a bit for bulb forcing and no longer use the cheap (but not unattractive) Home Depot pots. One thing I’ll say for them, though; their pots always have the price stickers on the bottom covering the drainage hole. This is a very sensible option; it’s easy to just poke these stickers out; whatever remains can be peeled off or not—doesn’t much matter because no one will see them and they wear away pretty fast.

At my other place, a local nursery, the pots are nicer and more varied, but they come in with rather large white manufacturers price tags on them. The nursery then adds  round green stickers to indicate they’re half price when I buy them in the late fall (a time when very few locals are buying pots). I can try to pry all this off before they go in the root cellar, but sometimes it’s easier when they come out. In any case, it’s always a big pain, and why? These are ornamental objects. Price stickers do not add to their beauty—you’d never get away with this for other housewares like china—stickers need to be discreet and easily removed.

So, my simple plea to manufacturers and importers: we know the technology is available and this does not need to happen. Fix it.

Otherwise, I have very little to rant about this holiday season. The champagne is flowing, the temps have been balmy, and my bulbs are all advanced enough to be given as gifts. Hell, I can still garden outside if I felt like it. Life is good. Just get rid of the stickers.

Sticker shock originally appeared on Garden Rant on December 15, 2015.


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