We still have snow! by Elizabeth Licata

Photo courtesy of

Photo (this was taken in May) courtesy of Historic Polonia Preservation District

It’s been up around 90 over the past few weeks or so, but a comforting(?) reminder that cooler days await exists on Buffalo’s East Side, near the large Art Deco Central Terminal, a grand train station that is no longer in use.  The big black pile of what looks (most unattractively) like dirt is really a combo of snow, ice, and grit left over from when this was the only place the city had to put all the tonnage of snow it was plowing (11,000 truckloads to be exact). Actually, there were a few protests about it at the time, and now we see why it’s not the best idea to choose one place. A bunch of smaller piles wouldn’t have had this staying power. On the other hand, you have to sympathize with the city—its options were limited.

This is recent--look at the temp. Note grass growing on pile.

This is recent–look at the temp. Note grass growing on pile.

Why won’t it melt? Well, it did, to a certain extent, but, as that happened the trash and dirt that came along with the snow formed a protective layer, insulating the snow/ice part. However, the timing was just right a few days ago to start breaking the pile apart, and by the time you read this it will be almost gone.

We still have snow! originally appeared on Garden Rant on August 4, 2015.


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