Groundcovers Make the Rose Garden by Susan Harris

I’m happy to see that (some) rose gardens are looking better these days, thanks to their good-looking and super-performing groundcovers. To my eyes, they cover all sorts of rosebush deficiencies throughout the year.  (Love the blooms; the plants not so much.)

Here are some of my favorites, all appearing now at the U.S. Botanic Garden.


These first 2 shots were taken on April 4,  when the only blooms in the Rose Garden are from early daffodils, but this Sedum ‘Angelina’ is already looking fabulous. Didn’t look bad in January, either. (That’s my now-vintage hybrid bike posing center stage.)



By April 24 the Sedum looks like it’s on fire. The purple flowers are – I’m thinking Nepeta?


Also in late April, Ajuga looks great with what looks like a Thyme.


The Rose Garden at its peak in late May. The blooms naturally look good in close-up but thanks to the groundcover, the whole garden looks good.


Above, more Nepeta (or correct me) and very low-growing Thyme.


More eye candy.


Finally, the Dianthus are peaking.

Now in case you’re saying “Sure, everything looks great in May,” I have one more photo for you – taken November 11. The shot below includes peeks at the USBG buildings and the Capitol dome.


There’s one more thing I love about this rose garden and hope to see in more of them – signs like this.


Close-up of sign in the USBG Rose Garden

Groundcovers Make the Rose Garden originally appeared on Garden Rant on May 22, 2015.


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