Saving Spiders by Evelyn Hadden

Short of learning to teleport them, this is my favorite method of moving spiders from indoors to outdoors.

Short of learning to teleport them, this is my favorite method of moving spiders from indoors to outdoors.

Last year, I was organizing my new home and found myself in the bathroom doodad aisle of the local “everything” store, holding a blue glass jar with a fitted glass lid. It was just the type of item I usually talk myself out of buying. Years of decluttering have drilled into my head that I’m more likely to continue to appreciate useful items than purely decorative ones. I put it down and kept moving.

After adding a few more useful items to my cart, I walked back to the blue glass jar. If I wore makeup, I could use it to store cotton balls. If I sewed or mended clothing, I could put extra buttons in it. I really couldn’t think of anything else to use it for. Still, it was beautiful, and I bought it.

Months later (and here we come to the garden-related part of the story), I have found a use for the jar. I use it to save spiders.

Not dead ones! Eeew.

I have always dreaded finding a spider indoors. Killing them is so unpleasant. The nerve-racking chase. The sickening crunch — or, alternately, the horrible slow swirl down the drain or toilet bowl. Afterward, the guilt.

Yet letting them continue to live (and multiply) indoors also is unpleasant. I’m not afraid of spiders, but I am afraid of them crawling on me.

I prefer moving them outdoors. This demands quick thinking and reflexes, not to mention crafting a “life boat” from a piece of paper, a tin can, or whatever else might be at hand. Risks include broken legs (the spider’s), possible escape, and being crawled on.

The blue glass jar is my answer. It’s always at hand when I spy a wayward arachnid. The lid fits tightly. I can see the spider inside so am not startled on removing the lid. The slippery glass minimizes the risk of jumping. This allows me to catch and release spiders without agonizing over it.

I just hope they enjoy my garden as much as I enjoy having them out there (rather than in here).

Saving Spiders originally appeared on Garden Rant on May 20, 2015.


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