Unless you’ve been disconnected from the news lately, you’ve probably heard about our record breaking snowfall here in Worcester, MA. 35 inches according to the National Weather Service, but since they measure snow at a higher elevation here ( at our airport) we know that the depths were higher here in the valley where we live. My guess is that we received around 38 inches, with drifts up to….well, over our head in some spots (see the awesome video at the end of this post). Still, I love snow. Really. I do. It’s so beautiful, but as I age, I am beginning to feel the effects of shoveling such record-breaking snow falls ( this storm broke our all time record for snow in a single storm here in Worcester). Today I am sore ( out-of-shape due to not working out, I know).

Here are a few images showing how the snow drifted higher than our first floor windows.

When I come into the kitchen early in the morning, I could tell that I was in trouble. There is a deck outside this window which is on the windward side of the storm, but still, drifts or not, it was a heck of a lot of snow.

First things first, I had to shovel a pee pee route for the kids. Ol Fergus still loves the snow. Liddy? Not so much. She still pee’d in the house to make a point out of all of this – she is the boss.

The bird feeders were packed, and as you can see here in this cool shot which I took from our kitchen sink through a Christmas wreath which helped hide me, a Red-Bellied Woodpecker and a Chicadee didn’t mind sharing the suet.

Fergie, having some second thoughts about attempting the stairs again – and this was early in the morning, we still had another 12 hours of snow coming.
Doodles (Daphne), our youngest female Irish terrier, and the goofy sister of Weasley who is going to Westminster, loooooves the snow, but I think that she may have discovered that Avalanche rescue really isn’t her thing. This might have been more than she bargained for ( truth be told, we tossed her in with the hopes of winning America’s Funniest Video’s, but after I saw that first clip, it just looked too mean, even though she had a ball. Doing again, three times until she decided that it was no longer fun.


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